Steve Cohn

During this time of social isolation, organizations need to focus on people’s humanity.

Steve Cohn helps organizations focus on the "Human Experience." When you acknowledge people's humanity, you increase customer loyalty and employee dedication, which leads to increased profitability.

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Why Work with Steve?

The path to profitable customer experiences should be very simple: Exceptional, memorable, and emotional Customer Experiences delivered by Engaged Employees who are led by enlightened, customer-centered Leadership. Here are 4 reasons to bring me to your organization as your speaker, workshop facilitator, and consultant:
  1. Unique. I take a unique approach that centers on customer happiness driven by personal emotions, connections and interactions between customers and experience provider employees.
  2. Unpretentious. I tell every audience, “I’m up here because I have wisdom in this area. But I know that there is enormous wisdom in this room. The way I look at it, if we take my wisdom and combine it with your wisdom, we’re going to have a great and productive day.” Clients tell me that as a speaker/facilitator/trainer, I am relatable, accessible, and engaging.
  3. Strategic. I build customer experience strategy around the questions, “Is it good for the customer?” and “Is it good for the company’s profitability?” while finding the sweet spot where the answer to both questions is “Yes.”
  4. Experienced. I’ve presented and consulted ― both onsite and virtually ― for over 25 years in 42 states, 16 countries, Puerto Rico, and on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean. I’ve worked with such diverse organizations as Google, Mercedes Benz, McDonald’s GBS, Delta Air Lines, Kia, Mazda, Royal Caribbean and MasterCard.
Steve believes so deeply in the value of exceptional customer experience and intense employee engagement that you can’t help but be inspired! Steve helped us see the world through the patient’s eyes, resulting in more exceptional care. He not only gave us his wisdom but also his sense of humor and outstanding storytelling. I recommend Steve highly.
Colleen Borelli
VP Patient Experience, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital & Medical Research Institute
Keynotes built around the Human Experience
Workshops adapted and customized to your needs
Blogs with tips for making the Human Connection

Where it All Began

When I was growing up, my family owned a thriving men’s clothing store in Brooklyn, NY. My grandfather and my Dad owned the store. I spent hours and days gathering their wisdom, observing and understanding the emotional connections that come from personal, authentic human interactions.

The biggest impression this experience has left me is that it doesn’t matter whether your relationship is business or personal, it’s all about addressing and acknowledging people’s humanity.

I’ve taken those lessons and use them to help the thousands of clients and audience members all over the world I’ve served with practical, hands-on ideas and techniques.