Steve Cohn

Creating Personal Connection in an Impersonal World

Creating Personal Connection in an Impersonal World

What now:
Creating Personal Connection in an Impersonal World:

Recent events and social isolation have left people and businesses searching and thirsty for human contact. Technology and virtual meetings can leave people feeling empty and disconnected. Steve will show you how to quench the thirst for that connection and create loyalty by bringing personal, human connection to your organization, your employees, your customers, and your life.

This lively keynote will help you set your focus on people as people with a human connection and a route to renewed success and happiness now and for years to come.

You Will Learn:

  • How to develop “Human-centered” policies that significantly reduce customer frustrations and anger.
  • How to expand your ability to see the world through the customer’s eyes, giving personal insights into their true feelings and needs.
  • How to use “Human-Based” culture in your department/organization to generate employee engagement & commitment, leading to better customer experiences and more profitability.

This can be followed up with one or both of these deeper dive workshops:


Steve Cohn reminded us through great content, stories and humor that the customer experience needs to be a high priority in education, especially on the college level. Through great insights and hands-on learning, he showed us that our ‘customers’ expect more than an education – they expect an experience.
Keisha Hull
Career Academy Specialist, Gwinnett Tech University


Whether your customers are internal or external, they’re human beings. They start their relationship with you and/or your brand with certain expectations. How you manage, meet or exceed their expectations will determine how willing they are to do business with you again and let other people know about you. Steve will show how to know, understand, set and reset customers’ expectations to partner in a real two-way relationship.