Steve Cohn

Managing, Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Managing, Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

It’s Not Rocket Service: Managing, Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations

Exceptional Customer Experience and Customer Service should… not … be … hard. We all know what good customer service is and what bad customer service is, and yet we still tolerate and often engage in the bad service we hate.

In this workshop, we focus on the human interaction between employees and customers, both internal and external, and why customers behave the way they do.

Participants learn and practice showing empathy, apologizing, connecting immediately, asking questions, listening, explaining, and dealing with difficult customers, as well as your client-specific issues.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why difficult customers are not necessarily difficult people when faced with difficult situations. Many factors go into why a customer is difficult.
  • The importance of knowing that all customers and all employees are human beings, not account numbers, demographics, or the sum of their purchases.
  • How customer interactions are never about you and always about the customer.
  • How to empower people with clear understanding of when, where, why and how they can make decisions for or about the customer.
  • Why you can feel safe trusting customers with the truth. ALL customers


“Steve impressed us, not only with his knowledge, his sense of humor and his ability to read the room, but also by being unflappable when things didn’t go according to plan. One of his programs was to be a refresher of a course he gave on an earlier visit. When Steve realized that not everyone in the room had been in the earlier workshop, he switched gears, reworked the content on the fly and made sure all attendees had the same outcomes and experience. He is an amazing facilitator and I highly recommend him!”
Tammy Martins
Chief Business Transformation and Strategy Officer, TCU Financial Group

Leading an organization that is trying to create and maintain a customer-centric culture takes more than the leadership skills taught in generic leadership courses.

In this program, Leadership for a Human-Centered Organization, Steve shows how you can help your team become laser-focused on customers and create experiences that are better than expected and different from your competitors.



Human-Centered companies are always asking the question, “How does this affect the customer?” The best Human-Centered leaders coach their people with a focus on the same question. In this program, Steve shows how everyday coaching and feedback can be focused and tailored to generate exceptional customer relationships.
Having a Human-Centered Organization takes an organization-wide commitment to putting people at the center of everything it does. Then, and only then, can we create the ultimate Customer Experience (CX). In this hands-on, enlightening program, we teach the concepts and techniques to keep the focus on customers and treating people as people, increase loyalty & profitability and exceeding expectations.