Steve Cohn



I recommend Steve highly. Steve believes so deeply in the value of exceptional customer experience and intense employee engagement that you can’t help but be inspired! Steve emphasizes the personal nature of the work we do. He helped us see the world through the patient’s eyes, resulting in more exceptional care. He not only gave us his wisdom but also his sense of humor and outstanding storytelling. He is a terrific trainer/speaker and an outstanding training and speaking coach.
Colleen Borelli,
Vice President, Patient Experience, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital & Medical Research Institute
Steve impressed us, not only with his knowledge, his sense of humor and his ability to read the room, but also by being unflappable when things didn’t go according to plan. One of his programs was to be a refresher of a course he gave on an earlier visit. When Steve realized that not everyone in the room had been in the earlier workshop, he switched gears, reworked the content on the fly and made sure all attendees had the same outcomes and experience. He is an amazing facilitator and I highly recommend him!
Tammy Martins,
Chief Business Transformation and Strategy Officer, TCU Financial Group
As we’ve begun our customer experience transformation at Teleflex, Steve and his team played an important role in getting things kick-started with our leadership and management group. He is an engaging and energetic trainer, and knows how to connect with his audience. As I look back on the cultural transformation we have undertaken, I’m glad Steve helped us get started on this journey.
Matt Boretti,
Director of Customer Experience, Teleflex, Inc.
Our entire staff were totally inspired and transformed by your highly energetic, interactive, and very focused workshop/seminar. You not only teach and motivate everyone to strive for excellence, but you yourself deliver excellence in every sense of the word. We have had many high-level global speakers and workshops for our staff over the years, however your highly educational seminar was the very best experience we’ve had.
Frances Tesmer,
President, Rolfs Lohse Corporation
At a recent professional development session, Steve Cohn reminded us through great content, stories and humor that the customer experience needs to be a high priority in education, especially on the college level. Through great insights and hands-on learning, he showed us that our ‘customers’ expect more than an education – they expect an experience. I highly recommend Steve to other colleges and universities or any company that needs to gain, retain, and excite its customers.
Keisha Hull,
Career Academy Specialist, Gwinnett Tech University
Steve completely “Wow’d” me! The audience consisted of technical and programmer types and we were there to talk about delivering a holistic customer experience that knocks the customers socks off. You could imagine the pushback; Steve never felt it, he connected with the group, engaged them for 8 hours and they never looked back. His ability to connect and deliver results really impressed me.
Michael Bekiarian,
Chief Strategy Officer, bowmo, Inc.
Steve is an outstanding trainer. His customer service training was extremely well received by our associates and as hoped, has crept into our culture. Our associates are continually citing what they learned as they deal with difficult customer situations. Steve also conducted a train-the-trainer with our internal trainers to allow us to offer the training as part of our core curriculum, providing valuable encouragement, techniques and feedback on their presentation skills. Steve got to know our organization and worked with us as a partner. I recommend him strongly.
James O’ Rourke,
Head of Tax Operations, Broadridge Financial Services
Steve came into our company to train our administrative team in his customer experience program. We fully implemented this program company-wide and are achieving tremendous results. None of this would have happened without Steve’s outstanding talent and passion for his program. I believe that Steve sincerely cares about his customers success and that is what makes him a winner.
David Daffner,
VP of Managed Services, Taylor Corporation
Steve spoke for our CEO Peer Groups. He provided us with great ideas and information about how to create outstanding customer relationships. He pushed these CEOs, presidents and business owners to ponder how well they’re serving their customers, identify customer touch points and come up with ways to enhance their customer’s experiences in those areas. Steve engaged us with facts, stories, humor, and thought-provoking ideas. I had Steve speak to two of our groups and would hire him again.
Tom Cramer,
Steve is not only an outstanding training facilitator and speaker; he also practices what he preaches. I hired Steve to work with one of my key clients. Steve took the time to get to know their business, the quirks, the obstacles, the customer expectations, and the client’s goals. He then wove this information into the program to create a unique experience. After the course, he has continued to serve this client by providing tips and techniques on a regular basis to the participants. I recommend Steve highly!
Irv Stern,
Managing Partner, Advantage Performance Group, Inc.
Our participants in customer service training give Steve very high marks for his knowledge of customer service, his experience in training delivery and in the world of work, and his humor and style in the classroom. He is enthusiastically received, as is the content of his workshops. He is a pleasure to work with.
Nancy McGee,
Director of Training, Savannah College of Art & Design
I hired Steve to deliver a class to a team of customer service representatives around the topic of “Exceeding Customer Expectations”. Steve’s program and delivery was exceptional. He really knows the material and how to engage the participants. He is intelligent, personable, and truly understands the importance of customer loyalty. I enjoyed working with Steve on the project and continue to stay in touch because I value him as a business partner. I highly recommend Steve’s services without hesitation.
Melinda Arendondo,
Manager, Customer Service, Cabot Corporation
Steve totally changed our philosophy and attitude in servicing our customers and even changed the way we deal with people in our personal life. I hope you have a chance to learn what we learned and make your customers happy too.
Etty Ozir-Berezin,
After Sale Service Manager, Raymond Weil USA
Steve Cohn gets customer service!
Elizabeth B. Walden,
Executive Director University of Louisville, Health Care Outpatient Center