Steve Cohn

Understanding and Exceeding Human Expectations in business and life

Understanding and Exceeding Human Expectations in business and life

What’d You Expect:
Understanding and Exceeding Human Expectations in Business and Life:

Whether your customers are internal or external, they’re human beings. They start their relationship with you and/or your brand with certain expectations. How you manage, meet or exceed their expectations will determine how willing they are to do business with you again and let other people know about you. Steve will show how to know, understand, set and reset customers’ expectations to partner in a real two-way relationship.

You Will Learn:

  • How customers begin their interactions with their own, personal, human expectations. Our job is to understand and address those expectations in an exceptional way.
  • How expectations significantly drive customer behavior, purchasing, and long-term loyalty.
  • Where people’s expectations come from and why.
This can be followed up with this deeper dive workshop:


“Steve is not only an outstanding training facilitator and speaker; he also practices what he preaches. I hired Steve to work with one of my key clients. Steve took the time to get to know their business, the quirks, the obstacles, the customer expectations, and the client’s goals. He then wove this information into the program to create a unique experience.”
Irv Stern
Managing Partner
Advantage Performance Group, Inc.


Recent events and social isolation have left people and businesses searching and thirsty for human contact. Steve will show you how to quench that thirst and create loyalty by bringing personal, human connection to your organization, your employees, your customers, and your life. This lively keynote will help you set your focus on people as people with a Human Connection and a route to renewed success and happiness now and for years to come.